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Alkaline Diet – What is Alkaline Acid Diet


The Alkaline Diet Can Transform Your Health Forever…

acid-alkaline-diet-food-choicesThe fact is that most of the people are eating the wrong way. The ‘balanced’ diet which is taught to us with the help of food pyramid’s, balanced meals and healthy food, are the cause for making us obese, disease, and ill. And this is true because the ‘balanced’ diet which contains majority of dairy, meat and grains constitute to an acidic meal.

Did you ever think what is  the true meaning of a ‘balanced diet? If you have religiously followed a ‘balanced diet’, but your body is still giving negative signals then you start wondering as to what is the missing piece in this puzzle that is preventing you from enjoying a healthy body.

Most of the  health education lesson’s  are designed in almost the same manner when it comes to diet. To help our  children understand about the nutrition, we use a large colorful pyramid that indicates the proportions of certain categories of  food.

acidic-diet-pryamidIn this process of discovering what’s ‘good’ for our body and what’s not, our minds are ingrained with the overall puzzle of meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and diary – but this combination of all is a deadly acidic meal. This is the culprit behind obesity, diseases and falling sick. The Alkaline Diet is completely different from the food pyramids, and this is the right way to start living healthy.

In order restore our health and body, we have to focus on our diet which will balance the pH level in our body. And this healthy pH level can be achieved with the help of an alkaline diet, this will help you rebuild your cells and your tissues, and thereby helping you to gain a healthy body.

What Is The Alkaline Diet?

Alkaline Diet (also known as Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet, Alkaline Ash Diet or Alkaline Acid Diet) is a diet system that is  based on the consumption food combination selected, that will burn in our body, and leave ash. This incombustible ash or the alkaline residue consists of minerals which are rich in iron, calcium, zinc, copper, and magnesium. This burning, is in comparison to the catabolism of the food, that produces waste.

The food items are classified into three categories: acid, alkaline, and neutral. This can be determined by the pH levels of the ash, when they are diluted in water.

What is alkaline diet

Alkaline Diets puts great emphasis  on eating a variety of fresh vegetables, nuts, citrus fruits, legumes, and tubers, and it also discourages the consumption of meat, grains, dairy products, and excessive consumption of salt. Minimal alkalinity is created by this diet in our blood that is ranging from  7.35 to 7.45.

This means  acid-base homeostasis balance is maintained in our blood by this diet, which is nothing but a balance of acids and bases (commonly refered as pH), in the body. If this balance is disturbed then our body is unable to sustain itself.

What Happens If Our Body Is Acidic?

The optimal pH level of our body should be around 7.35-7.45, i.e slightly alkaline. Our body cell will function very well and be able to fight against any harmful diseases in this kind of environment. Now imagine that our  body as a receiver of different kinds of food, and the intake of these different kinds of food, let it be acidic or alkaline, will create a chemical effect in our body that can cause the overall pH level of our body to fall within a scale.  Our body pH level is less optimal if it is acidic.


The blood in our body automatically keeps maintaining the pH level of 7.35 – 7.45 and it is hardly allowed to go below 7.35. But if pH level goes below 7.35 then it means acidosis has occurred. Now in order to maintain alkalinity (pH of 7.35 – 7.45) that is to prevent acidosis from occurring, the minerals from our bones are robbed as minerals are alkaline.

This is the reason why we get osteoporosis, this is how we get generative diseases, that’s why we also get tumors as our body is trying hard to keep the blood alkaline.

acidalkalinebalancedietAccording to most of the alternate treatment doctors and practitioners all over the world, excessive acidity is one of the most serious  health problems that is being faced by the majority of people all over the world. This should not be surprising to us considering the amount of acid-forming food that is being consumed in today’s modern food habits . Most of the people around the world consume food by emphasizing more on taste rather then considering the healthiness of the food. The eating of unhealthy protein, fat, processed, sugar, caffeine, starch, and acid rich food, on a daily basis, will finally lead to excess acidity. And excess acidity is the most common factor for autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

Some of the symptoms of excessive acidity are low energy levels and constant fatigue, nasal congestion, an excess production of mucous, chronic viral diseases and infections, stress, anxiety,  irritability, weak hair, fragile nails, ovarian cysts, dry skin,  poly-cystic ovaries, benign breast cysts, arthritis, headaches,  muscle pains, neuritis,  cramps, hives, indigestion, spasms,  and gastritis.

All of these have adverse effects on emotions, behavior,health, and the quality of life. These issues not only affect our overall health, but also they affect our relationships with both family and friends.

Morden processed foodWith the advent of technology there is increase in production of dairy products, refined food and meat, but this progress has come with a price. Contaminated soil, impure drinking water, food processing procedures and other modern environmental problems are causing increase in amount of harmful toxic substances in our food today. This is one of the major reason why more people are getting affected by and health issue is on the rise.

The only solution to these problem is the detoxifying properties of Alkaline Diets. They have the ability to cleanse the blood and regenerate the body cells. Acid based environment is very good for multiplication of bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses. But this is not possible with Alkaline-based environments. The chances of experiencing these problems are greatly reduced by Alkaline Diet.

The list of food items available in Alkaline Diets have a specific role to play. They help in treatment of diseases and also provide minerals and vitamin rich nourishment, which is essential for a healthy body. These fooditems have a healing properties, this has been known and used sinces ages in the treatment of colds, cough, sore throats, heartburn’s and gastrointestinal problems.

Food items in Alkaline Diets are also well known for purifying kidneys and also helping in avoiding various kidney related problems. Alkaline Diet is a rich source of  calcium and these can be very well used as substitute many calcium supplements. They also contain good amount of calcium that helps in digestion. These are just some of the benefits of having Alkaline Diets.

Kick Start The Alkaline Diet And Enjoy Having The Benefits Of It

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You Might Be Eating Alkaline Diet In A Wrong Way…

Balancing your body pH level is of more important than just deciding to eat alkaline foods. Most people think that by just eating the alkaline foods it would be sufficient and their pH level will be returning to it’s optimal level.

But this is not the truth.

It is very important for you to know exactly how you have to start your alkaline diet and in such a manner that you will be able to absorbed all the sufficient minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. You should be not going too alkaline as well because that can make your body pH level too much alkaline and it might result into alkalosis.

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